Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Update on Pepsi Refresh, and Information on the next shipment

Hello all!

A Quick Update on the Pepsi Refresh voting.
We're currently ranked number 14, but have been fluctuating from 9 to 14 in the past week.
Again, here's how you can help:
You can vote daily for my project. There are 3 ways to do so:

1. Visit http://www.refr
 . Click "Vote for this idea." It will ask you to sign in. You can do so by using Facebook Connect or by creating an account with Pepsi. (It's very fast and easy - basic information like your name and email. It will send you a confirmation email, and then you're ready to go.) Once you have signed in, you will again need to go to http://www.refr
 and again click "Vote for this Idea." It will say "Thanks for voting!" You can do this once daily from now until May 31.

2. You can TEXT a vote. (Standard texting rates apply- all this means is as long as you have a texting plan, which most people do, you can do so. There is no extra charge for texting a vote.) Text 105672 to Pepsi (73774). You can do this once daily from now through May 31.

3. You can purchase specially marked Pepsi products (they'll say "Power Vote" on them). These products have a special 10 digit code either under the cap or inside the box. Go again to http://www.refr
 and click "Power Vote for this idea" and enter in the special code for up to 100 extra votes. Then go back again to http://www.refr
 and use your Power Votes to vote. You can enter up to 10 codes per day through May 31.

And an update on our next shipment:
Next, we will be shipping to Marines from Houston currently in Afghanistan.
We will be collecting all of the usual items in addition to some special ones.  In addition, this month's theme is summer! We will be collecting handheld fans and batteries (available at Dollar Tree) to send along with other items, as summers in the Middle East can get extremely hot!
We will also be collecting special hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. Currently, there are special 4th of July/Memorial day hand sanitizers at Bath and Body Works. The scents are Apple Pie, Smores, and Blueberry Pancake. We thought this would be a great idea as it shows our support in a Patriotic way. They are currently priced at 5 for $5. (Visit the Bath and Body Works website to find out more.)

So, let us know if you would like to help! Email !

Sunday, May 1, 2011

VOTE For Suitcase4Soldiers on Pepsi Refresh

Hello All!
Some good news was received today for Suitcase4Soldiers!

In April I filled out an application for the Pepsi Refresh project. Pepsi Refresh is basically a program that gives out a variety of grants for submitted projects across the nation.

I applied for a $5,000 grant to help my project expand back in April. Mid-April, I received notification that my application was "randomly selected" for further review.
Today (notably my birthday and the day we received the news of Osama Bin Laden's death) I received an email that Suitcase4Soldiers was selected for the voting process.

Currently, my project is ranked 28th out of around 150 projects in the "Communities" section. Out of hundreds of submissions and 4 categories, 20 $5K grants are given out each month, averaging to about 5 grants per category.

Voting began today and continues until May 30th. In order to vote, you either must Log In using FacebookConnect or create a Pepsi Account (which is a very quick and easy process). Each person gets 5 votes daily, but a maximum of one vote per project. Which means that you can vote for Suitcase4Soldiers once daily, unless you use Power Voting.
Power Voting is available to all who purchase Pepsi Products. In order to access PowerVoting, You can purchase any Pepsi product and enter the 10 digit code on the Pepsi refresh website. With Power Voting, you can give up to 100 votes per product purchased, and you can use up to 10 codes per day.
You can also vote by text message once a day! Text the number 105672 to Pepsi (73774) to vote.

Here is the link for voting: