If you wish to donate items to be shipped or money to help cover the cost of postage through Suitcase4Soldiers, please contact:

Ashley Easterly

Acceptable items include:
letters of appreciation (Christmas cards,  Easter Cards, Halloween Cards, general thank you cards)
Ramen Noodles
Girl Scout Cookies
Dental Floss
Instant Drink Mixes (Lemonade, Iced Tea packets, Instant coffee packets)
Travel-size  only soaps and shampoos
playing cards
hard candies (Lemon heads, orange slices, peppermints)
seasonal related  small gifts
healthy snacks
chicken salad packets (not cans) or tuna packets (not cans)
beef jerky
hand sanitizers

Contact if you have any questions about acceptable items.

POSTAGE:  Several people have helped greatly by contributing to the cost of postage.
Each trunk cost approximately $80 to send.
Each box cost approximately $14 (with insurance) to send

purchasing military size regulation trunks