Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Shipment to Afghanistan

Hello All!
Before we get to the most recent shipment, some good news was received for Suitcase4Soldiers! Suitcase4Soldiers was a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh project competition, and we are currently in the validation process to receive a $5,000 grant from Pepsi refresh and Global Giving.

Now to the shipment!
We collected a multitude of items to send to the 1/23 Lone Star Batallion, from Houston, currently stationed in Afghanistan. We received many donations for this shipment - we couldn't fit it all! The extras will go in our July/August shipment. More details about that later!

Here are some pictures of our shipment!
Nifty little fans and things

We bought some fans and batteries for the soldiers to keep cool on those hot summer days in the desert

Ramen is a great food item to send!

Just some of the items we shipped this week: Trail mix, lemon drops, beef jerky, Ramen, fans, mints, and drink mixes.

The trunk was filled!

We stuffed that trunk full!

There was some variety in brands this time: Kool-Aid, Propel, Crystal Light, Slim-Jims, Jack's Links, Walmart brand Beef Jerky, Breathsavers, Peppermints, Gatorade Drink Mixes, Country Time Lemonade... 

Suitcase4Soldiers is on it's way to Afghanistan!